Make America Great Again?

"Make America Great Again", they say. But, do they really know how? Let's make an exercise of imagination. Imagine that instead of you going to work everyday you have one person to do it for you. Now, there's a problem there. This person is going to want money for that. That's a problem because any amount of money you give to this person is going to lower your current income. But you still have the very same expenses and goals. You want to give this person as little as possible. The ideal (for you) would be zero.

Now imagine you have several people working for you in this same conditions. Each one makes almost your current income and receive as little as possible back as payment. You could multiply your income as many times as people you could get. If you could get ten people you could have a car and a house ten times better without even breaking a sweat.

Many of the greatest nations have relied on slavery as a mean of creating wealth. This has been for thousands of years one of the greatest sources of wealth known by mankind. England, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, the ancient Greeks and Romans, they all have relied on this practice at some point in history. Slavery, used as workforce, is as old as the Sumerians (4100–2900 BC).

Now, at some point in history we started seeing things with a more ethical eye. We realized that such practice was greately immoral and we had to stop it. But that transition happened not without a fight. For many rich folks the abolition of slavery meant falling down to the working class. They were deprived from their right to become rich in expense of others. Now, you're going to find in American literature some people saying that slavery was not that great a business and that's why it was abolished. But that's just apologetics. It was a great business then and continues to be today. Now, we no longer call it slavery, we call it capitalism and added some rules to it. And while that is a little bit better, is still not good.

The now candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, states that part of his plan is to get rid of latin american labor force. Millions of latin americans (not just Mexicans by the way) work in pretty harsh conditions that are, in several cases, very similar to slavery. They do it not because they love it, but because they have no better option for survival. The same happens in many asian countries, the reason most companies around the world require asian labor force is because is really cheap. Cheap labor force means greater profit. And there's no industry without profit, its the very reason of its existence.

Trump believes that by pushing out millions of cheap workers is going to create wealth for the average American citizen. The oposite is true. If you get rid of a million latins from the farmlands, for example, you need to fill those places later. The problem is that an American citizen will never accept the working conditions accepted by latins today. They are going to protest and demand a more humane treatment, one that includes social security. That's never going to happen, the rich folks will never accept giving away their riches. That's contrary to the capitalist society mindset, and Trump knows that first hand. He's probably just saying this things because that's what some people want to hear.

You cannot sustain a capitalist nation when nobody wants the hard and less paid of the jobs. Someone needs to do that work. You need to fill those places, even if that means pushing the less fortunate citizens to accept them, as they are, with all their risks and unethical working conditions. So, in order to fill the blanks you need to create even more poverty. That way your citizens will accept whatever job they can find in order to subsist. You need to push the whole social structure down if you want to get rid of foreign labor force. US citizens are not going to abandon their middle class dreams easily.

On the other hand, if you can force the industry to pay you more for those jobs, which is very unlikely, then the prices of food and services will have to go up. That also implies that the people who can barely afford them today will not be able to do so tomorrow. In that sense many people can afford food, services and things today thanks to cheap labor force.

The american society probably doesn't realize that by having the hardest jobs done by people from other countries they have a greater chance of finding a better job themselves. This might seem counter intuitive, but is not hard to understand. Having a very productive industry, any of them, means a lot of low wage jobs. But it also means that your chances to find a middle or even a high wage job increases proportionally. Instead of working in the fields you could work in transportation or a food processing factory. Instead of being a miner yourself, you could work at processing materials or find a desk job somewhere up the working ladder.

I hope that by reading this words someone will realize how important is the foreign labour force for their country. Maybe then they can accept this people as the important part of society they are. They are actually making society a great favor, one that is not well paid or well recognized.

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